How We Can Watch Hulu with A VPN

Hulu was founded in 2007 and now has more than 3.4 million viewers in 2020. Hulu and Live TV offer +65 news, sports, and entertainment channels. It also offers a wide variety of streaming libraries with limited ads. If you are not living in the US or Japan, you are not lucky enough to watch Hulu. There’s a reason why Hulu is not available in every country. 



Why You can’t Watch Hulu 


Copyright and Trademark Law

At this time, you can only watch Hulu in the US and Japan. This happens due to the copyright and trademark issue. Even though Hulu claims that they are working on expanding their service, there has been no progress. 


Lack of Domestic Payment Method

The copyright and trademark law issue lead Hulu to only accepts payment via Paypal that is connected to the US bank account. 


How Does Hulu Know You Are Using VPN

Despite the fact that Hulu is less famous than Netflix. Hulu has a high anti VPN technology. The easiest way Hulu knows that you are using a VPN is through your giving IP address. If several users are given the same IP address while they are accessing Hulu, there’s a high chance that they are using a VPN. Hulu will block these users from accessing their website. learn more about what does a vpn do 

How to Watch Hulu in 3 Simple Steps

If you still want to watch Hulu but you are not in the US or Japan. You can follow these 3 simple steps to access Hulu securely. 

  1. Get your preferred VPN. Make sure that the VPN you choose is streaming friendly. 
  2. Select US or Japan as your location.
  3. Watch Hulu securely and privately without throttle with vpn. 

Here are 3 best VPN to watch Hulu 

FlyUnder VPN

Is vpn safe for streaming , FlyUnder VPN streaming service is compatible with Hulu. You can watch Hulu without throttle and being cut but unstable connection FlyUnder VPN’s superior technology and service will give you a fast and smooth lag-free experience. 



A stable connection is a must feature you need to check whenever you choose a VPN. 

FlyUnder VPN also gives you the ability to connect your FlyUnder VPN account with multiple devices at one and supports multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.


NordVPN is another recommended VPN client you can use to give protection to your online data. Your online data will stay safe with their next-generation encryption. Nord VPN also has a no-logs policy that won’t collect your data and track your activity online. 


NordVPN lets you connect up to six devices with one account. You can secure them all with any combination. 



Surf Shark helps you to unblock geo-restricted content with their 800+ servers in 50+ countries with friendly P2P servers. It means you can also torrent and download large files easily. Most importantly Surfshark can give you access to watch Hulu. 


Your privacy is guaranteed with their no-logs policy, DNS leaks protection, high-end encryption, and unique multiHop software. 


Why Free VPN Is Not Recommended For Hulu

A Free VPN might seem like great deals to stream your favorite content. Free VPN can cause more trouble later after you use it. A free VPN service won’t give you the protection that they promise you. 


Usually, a free service VPN is easier to detect by Hulu anti-VPN technology. They don’t have an easy fix if their servers are being blocked so you have to wait for hours even days to use it again.